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      Chongqing Nansong Chemi-Tech Pharma Co., Ltd.
      Add: No. 1 Zitong Avenue, Maliuzui Town, Banan District, Chongqing, China.
      Post/zip: 401319
      Operator: +86 23 8896 1569
      Sales: +86 23 8896 1568
      Website: http://www.huayuxcjw.com
      Email: marketing@chemi-tech.com

                Chongqing Nansong Chemi-Tech Pharma Co., Ltd. founded in May of 2016, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chongqing Nansong Chemi-Tech Co., Ltd. which was established in 1997, soon became acknowledged as a highly reputable manufacturer and supplier of fine chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates. Our staff has profound experience rich in all the functional fields. Our advanced production facility, powerfulresearch and innovation, highly efficient multi-purpose plant and the stringent quality control system have ensured us to deliver our customers high quality yet affordable products and timely support for their launches, business growth with transparency and standard documentation and this has helped us to become .........       >> More




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